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I don’t like to dwell that much on the difference between men and women. As I’ve got older it seems that the world is slowly attempting to drag itself into the reality that Men and Women are not really programmed to be that differently, we just have a world that pushes them apart. The world we grow up in seems to demand that we end up opposites. These opposites have a purpose, they are a system of organisation for a (supposedly/hopefully) functioning society. Men are given a role and women are given a role. It’s one way to organise a world, and it’s a deeply flawed way. The anchor for all its flaws is the aggressively enforced idea that these different roles are somehow biological and inherent. That women are born predisposed to servitude and an obsession with shoes and hair and men are born with a deep yearning for power, war and sex with people they don’t like. None of this is true. All of this is sad.

edam and ave

Adam and Eve. Proscribed Gender norms in scripture.

Having said all that, as we do live in a world which trains us differently from childhood because of our gender we do end up as adults having different skills. I, for instance, am not much good at keeping the house clean and tidy whenever Daisy leaves town. So when I know that she’ll soon be back, I have to suddenly go into overdrive on cleaning the house. But, luckily, I’ve found one big short cut…

Get Help! 

Yes, that’s right, get help. That’s the big secret. So far this week I’ve hired a multitude of people to come in and help me out. First I got an eco-cleaning fairy (not too sure about the name there) to come in and give the house a one over in a green and efficient way. They were great people, enthusiastic and effective. Then I contacted Ovenu oven cleaning service who came in and gave the oven, which I thought I was going to have to replace, a once over that left it looking good as new. Then, last but not least, I got Gary from the Cross’s to come over and spruce the garden up. I may have, in a sense, sat around all day chatting with these people, drinking tea and doing nothing of good use. But I got the help in and I made it happen, so I guess there’s some virtue there.

So now I’m sitting in domestic bliss, I hope she likes it!

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