Wood Pellets Are All I Want To Write About Now For Some Reason

The world is dying. It is dying partially because of the infectious virus that lives on it. That infectious virus is called humanity. We are killing the earth. We are murderers. Murderers of our mother. Mother Earth. Why did we kill mother earth? Because we were just to busy to care and just to greedy to be stopped. But we need to care. And we need to stop. NOW.


Because trees.

The fight for a more sustainable mode of energy production goes on and on. But still these crackers want to be frackers! Why would you want to frack? We all know that there are potentially incredibly dangerous consequences of fracking. Yet these crackers just really, really want to be frackers! Me, I say be the change you want to see in the world. And if the change you want to see in the world involves more renewable energy then that means more renewable energy in the home!



Because Ghandi.

So I’ve been trying to do just that by getting a wood pellet burner and making my first bulk order of wood pellets. I say lovely people because they are doing good work and doing it with a good attitude. The drive for more renewable and sustainable energy is best pushed forward by those who attempt to set up shop and get something going. Enterprise and environment are not necessarily enemies. Those who can make a sustainable business out of sustainable energy are too be encouraged. The more that is done on this side of the state/non-state divide the more pressure it puts on the government to stand up and be counted. Not something they are ever particularly keen on doing.


Because Cameron.

Spineless, worthless, useless. You have no idea how much sadness I feel when I look at that face. It’s the face of complete failure. We have to struggle on in the face of that… face.

That bloody face.



Because Lizard.

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